Monday, April 03, 2006

An Energy Drain

I'm sure at some point in all our lives we meet a person that is a drain of our energy. Most of the time when we deal with this person we find ourselves with negative thoughts and low energy. As time goes on we can sometimes have these same effects with just the thought of having to deal with them.

In cases like this what do you do? Who's to blame? I'm sure anyone who's read my previous post can guess on what my answers are going to be.

First, who's to blame? The fact is that as soon as you start to assigning blame, like they make me feel this way or anything along that line you are enforcing the situation and getting further from resolving it.

I'm currently in a situation like this and for a while I was letting it go. Letting the situation drag me and my energy down. It wasn't until my wife pointed out that I was being negative about the person that I realised what I was doing. No matter how much progress we seem to make there are always those situations we get into that it takes someone else to point out that we are in a bad place.

In my case the person involved is a low energy obsessed person. I say that not to blame or to less my responsibilities it is just a statement of fact. The person also draws sub-astrals to them. These are their issue and not mine to solve and find fault in.

I job is to ensure that I don't let my thoughts and energy drop and allow the sub-astrals to attack me. Over the past little while I have not been doing this and now I am struggling to resolve my issues. I now recognize that I'm not doing the "right" thing. I also recognize that I have past karma to work out. I am working on both of these right now but making slow progress.

To make things hard, the person has requested a favour from me. My first response would be to deny the request, because of the situation. However, I now recognize the situation that I'm in and I question if the answer is truly my answer, the right answer, or the response of the low energy I'm now in and the past karma. I'm doing my best to over come the situation at hand and approach the new request objectively.

We must always be careful of our reactions to people. Is it a negative response? Is the response base on past karma? Only by dealing with our karma and looking past our negative energies can we find the right answer.

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